• Why You Should Optimise Your WordPress Website

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You may have the most spectacular Wordpress website in your industry, but it will never reach the right audience or convert well if it is not optimised. One of the biggest benefits of optimising a Wordpress website using SEO best practices is that it will create a better user experience which is essential for maximising conversions online whether it be for online sales or newsletter subscriptions.

Search engines and customers are highly unlikely to find your website unless they accidentally stumble upon it if the site is not optimised for strategic keywords that people are actually searching for. When you optimise your Wordpress website you should see traffic for the website increase month on month and year on year. This should result in business growth.


Hubspot research states that over 50% of website visitors will abandon your website if it takes three seconds to load. It is essential to get your website speed as low as possible to enhance your website performance and minimise the bounce rate. Having a faster website than competitors will give potential customers an excellent first impression for your business and will give you a far greater chance of converting website visitors into paying customers due to their positive user experience.

There are many ways to optimise your Wordpress website which relate to user experience. When analysing your website for SEO effectiveness you should look at the following:

  • Is the website mobile friendly?
  • Do images load quickly?
  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Can people easily find your website on Google?

It is important to satisfy the above requirements by making any necessary adjustments to get the very best from your website.

Hubspot research states that over 50% of website visitors will abandon your website if it takes three seconds to load

Before you start to optimise your Wordpress website, you will need to benchmark important website metrics to gauge effectively if the performance of the website has improved and identify other areas that may need attention. There are many metrics you can look at. We typically benchmark the below metrics when we start work on an SEO project for a Wordpress website.

  • Page speed
  • Search engine results ranking for important keywords
  • Conversion rates
  • Click through rates (CTR’s)
  • Bounce rate
  • Average time on page

Monitoring search results on Google for strategic keywords will give you pivotal information about how your website is performing in comparison to competitors. Once you have your benchmarking metrics in place, you can continuously reference them whenever you make adjustments or tweaks to your website to easily see if they have had an impact.

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At Marla Communications, we always take the below steps on Wordpress to ensure websites for our clients perform the best they possibly can.

  • Continuously update Wordpress plugins and themes
  • Optimise every page with a specific keyword
  • Optimise images
  • Structure content with headings and paragraphs
  • Cache website content
  • Ensure that website is mobile friendly
  • Make sure there are no competing plugins fighting against each other
  • Regularly submit XML sitemap to Google

Following the tips highlighted in this article should give your Wordpress website a distinct advantage over competitor websites and maximise your traffic from Google. Organic traffic from Google is often considered to be the best quality traffic for a website as potential customers are actively searching for the products or services that you provide on these platforms. It is also worth remembering that 80% of people now do their research online before they make a purchase decision offline.

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