What makes a Great Website?

Here at Márla Communications one of our service offerings involves the design and development of websites be that brochure style sites or a fully functioning e-commerce sites.

Often when chatting to business owners, we are asked the following questions:

• Should I invest in a website for my business?

• What makes a great website?

• How much will it cost?

Instantly the phrase – how long is a piece of string comes to mind!

But let’s look at each of these questions:

Should you invest in a website for your business?

Absolutely yes, in today’s competitive market having an online presence is a must for all businesses regardless of size, especially with 81% of shoppers researching online before buying. However, if you do not have the budget to invest in a well deigned website, I would recommend that you focus on using your social channels to promote your business & build brand awareness. As a poorly designed site will not instil confidence in a potential customer and they will quickly leave your site & not engage any further with your business.


What makes a great website?

• First of a website should be visually appealing, polished and professional, it is reflecting everything a business stands for

• It should be User Friendly – visitors to your site must be able to get around your website quickly, otherwise they will get frustrated and leave.

• It should have a Responsive Design – mobile devices are becoming a key purchasing tool when shopping online, so it is essential that a website can be viewed correctly across all devices

• It should feature Interesting Content – this is a must, the content on a website should be informative and be presented in various formats such as videos, infographics and weekly blogs

• Minimalist designs work best – websites with fewer pages, simple design, large imagery and great content win hands down compared to an overly cluttered site.


How much will a website cost?

You can pay anything from as little as a few hundred euro up to €40,000 and more. The cost will depend on the type of site you hope to develop. But don’t forget it’s not just about investing in design and development of a website, your website has to be found, 66% of consumers start their research with a search engine before heading to a specific website, so when discussing costs with an agency make sure that you also get them to include costs for SEO.

Remember – A well-designed website should function as an extension of your company’s vision and values, so don’t rush the process! If you have any questions in relation to this topic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today.