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Web design is not just about what your website looks like, or even about how it makes you feel. Its about how it works.

At Márla Communications, we don’t undervalue the impact that a visually appealing web design can create with your potential audience; afterall, it may be their first interaction with you and your business, and that interaction is very much based on first impressions. However (and it’s a very big however), if your website is not developed with your customer journey in mind, they will very quickly become frustrated and are likely to never return to your website again.

Our web designers don’t develop the backend functionality of our websites (we employ web developers for that), but they are fully trained and proficient in web development, which ensures your customer journey and process through your website rests at the core of every design decision.

The Result?

We create powerful bespoke websites that are intuitive, responsive, user friendly and engage with your target market. We use the most recent best practices in web development and design to ensure your website genuinely strengthens your sales opportunities.

Our range of web solutions include:

Our website designers and developers immerse themselves in your business and industry. Our collaborative process involves you and your team every step of the way, ensuring that your new website reflects the exact mood and positioning for your business.

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