Social Media Strategies

Social Media communication is an essential part of any digital marketing communication strategy, allowing you to effectively reach a very specific audience with a truly targeted message.

Since the emergence of Facebook in 2004, and the proliferation of a range of other social media platforms, businesses have been given access to a significant audiences at a very effective cost rate.

The days of achieving meaningful results through ‘free’ media are more or less gone – this is actually a change we welcome at Marla Communications. Social media channels now require us to think more strategically about our customers, to select specific audiences and only then to communicate. While there is a cost associated with this, it is a cost well spent in our experience.
All social media platforms, but particularly Facebook, require a much more strategic approach; they require businesses to really think about what it is they are trying to achieve, and who they want to target.

Our Social Media expertise spans all Platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest (?) – To be discussed. Use brand/image for each platform.
Our Social Media Process includes:

Month 1 – Planning

• Define Social Media Goals (for each platform)
• Set Key Performance Indicators
• Agree on number & type of posts for an initial 8 week period
• Set out posts as ads, boosted posts, video, Google Display Network
• Set 3rd party budgets

Month 2 & Onwards

• Implementation across all social media channels
• Immediately begin Monitoring
• Performance Update every week
• Monthly face to face review