Search Engine Optimisation

It sounds obvious, but being found on search engines (primarily google) must be an essential part of your digital strategy.

Think about this…
• There are over 2,000 million searches every minute on google
• Specifically in Ireland, we spend 19.4 hrs per week online
• We now spend more time on line that we do watching TV
• 86% of us research online before making a purchase

Our SEO experts work on all elements of search for your website, from a technical, content, on and off page optimisation perspective. We drive your SEO results, using the most recent google updates, to ensure you are not only found, but found regularly.

Our SEO services include:

• Keyword Research & Management
• Competitor Research
• Content Assessment
• Meta/Title Data Tag Creation
• Heading H1 Tags
• Alt Tags
• Meta Description
• Transcript for all Video Content
• Internal Links
• HTML Sitemap
• XML Sitemap
• Link Architecture
• Link Building Strategy

Pay per Click

We know that only 30% of people click on paid ads, highlighting the absolute power of organic SEO work.

However, pay per click campaigns contribute significantly to traffic to your website, and should be considered a critical part of an integrated digital marketing strategy, most importantly when you are launching a new product or service.

The more important element of your pay per click campaign happens before we go near google ads, which is the breaking down of your business strategy, customer profiles and specific responses we want from

Our PPC process includes:

Month 1 – Planning

• Define Goals

• Set Key Performance Indicators

• Clearly Defined Targets

• Key Word Research

• Development of Multiple Campaigns (linked to goals)

• Development of Ad Copy for each Ad Group

• Development of Product/Service Video (if appropriate)

• Set Budgets

• Agree on Bidding Strategy

Month 2 – Launch

• Set Up Implementation of all Campaigns

• Implementation of Ad Extensions on all Ads

• Integration of Campaigns into Analytics

• Immediately begin Monitoring

Month 2 & Onwards – Monitor and Iterate

• From day 3-4, monitor campaign

• Adapt as necessary

• Continue to add key words/remove negative key words