Enbarr Vision supports their clients by empowering them to unblock / solve any issues within their business as well as helping them to identify business growth opportunities

Enbarr Vision was founded by Catherine Collins, a rural business and personal development specialist. Hailing from rural West Cork with deep ancestral roots in Irish heritage, Catherine, is fuelling her passion for Irish culture, history, business and people through Enbarr Vision.

Catherine plans to position Enbarr Vision as a ‘business confidante’, a confidant that is there for the long-term, who has the foresight to anticipate issues, provide guidance  in decision making and offer practical advice.

Deeply influenced by Catherine's love for equestrian and environmental approach to business, we developed the brand name and brand concept to evoke these aspects. Using the horse head icon as the anchor allowed the rest of the brand to flow into a cohesive and professional identity. We then applied the this new brand and brand name to a bespoke, e-commerce based website design.