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Kerrigans Butchers

The Kerrigan’s story goes back over sixty years…

Innovative Irish Butchers

We undertook our very first project with Barry Kerrigan in 2014 and are proud to continue helping him drive his business on a monthly basis through the provision of quality design and digital support. Kerrigan’s were one of the very first butchers in Ireland to strategically target the fitness and protein market.

We worked with Barry and Shane on every element of the project including:

• Development of a sub brand – Kerrigan’s Food For Fitness

• Development of an e-commerce website capable of managing large quantities of orders

• Design and development of Kerrigan’s Diet Plan Builder for online customers

• Development of a range of videos to drive the fitness message home

• Design of Kerrigan’s vans focusing primarily on the fitness market

Being one of the most celebrated and quality butchers in Ireland, customers have extremely high expectations from Kerrigan’s; customers don’t just go to Kerrigans for quality meat, customers expect a superior shopping experience; with this in mind, we worked with Barry and his team on the interior and exterior designs of his shops, particularly the flagship store on the high street in Malahide.

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