• Hodgins Sausages

Hodgins Sausages

Mervin Hodgins, started life as a craft butcher making his own sausages based on a time honoured recipe passed down through generations of butchers.

Famous Sausages and Puddings

As the reputation of his sausages grew far and wide, Mervin took a considerable leap, and set up a dedicated facility in Mitchelstown for the production of his now famous sausages and puddings. Hodgins Sausages approached us in January 2018 with a view to exploring their brand and market position in the Irish retail market; a highly competitive market where margins are tight and promotions frequent, we quickly identified the need to create a strong connection between the Hodgins Sausage brand and the Irish consumer.

Through an overarching campaign we crafted the following:

• Development of highly emotive video communications to support the positioning

• New, stronger approach to Hodgins suite of retail labels

• Development of a specific strategy and promotion for Hodgins Low Fat Sausages

• Management of all content for Hodgins Facebook and Instagram platforms – weekly management

• Development of a number of highly successful digital competitions, driving reach, engagement and awareness

• Development of monthly video content for social media including recipes, competitions and brand values

Hodgins Stands | Marla Communications
Hodgins Sausages | Marla Communications

We crafted bespoke video content for Hodgins, which included recipes, short social media videos and competition based content.

Creating constant and consistent content for Social Media also helped increase viewers and followers. The quality of Hodgins Sausages are exceptional; furthermore, Mervin has always insisted that no preservatives or MSG be ever added to a Hodgins product. After much exploration and consulting, we presented the positioning #HodginsNothingToHide to the team. They loved it…and we have continued to work with Hodgins on a monthly basis since then.

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