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Your packaging sells your product when you’re not there – it is critical to get it right.

We have been very fortunate to have designed packaging for some of Ireland’s best loved brands – and would like to think we have had some input into their success! Brands such as Zanna Cookhouse, Glorious Sushi, Aruna, Coffee House Lane to mention a few. We believe it is impossible to capture the attention of your customers with generic packaging design that blends in with competitors. Product packaging must make a statement in order to be effective.

Packaging | Marla Communication

This process includes identifying and analysing the market in which you operate, the demographics of your customer and your competitor positioning and packaging; from a packaging perspective, we work with you on all elements of the pack including formats, materials, photography and all other packaging specifications. Generic packaging does not show the uniqueness of your brand and as a result it makes it difficult for customers to fall in love with your brand. We help our clients to articulate what they are looking for with their brand design. Then we create a unique and customised design through our tried and tested process.

Edelicious | Marla Communications
Packaging Design - Lotus Foods

This process includes identifying and analysing the packaging type, the different dimensions, label design, product photographs and all other requirements and specifications that impact your packaging design. We cover all bases to make sure we create the most attention grabbing packaging design for your business.

Packaging Design - Dunbar Irish Whiskey
Packaging Design - Zanna Cookhouse

Working with us will ensure that your brand will have a captivating packaging design that will influence the purchasing decision of your customers. Our packaging designs never get lost on a shelf!

Chat to our graphic design team over a cup of coffee and see how we can make your packaging design stand out.