Video Development

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Video Development


Video communication has become THE digital communication tool – it is accessible, easy to view, easy to remember and above all, more entertaining than text. But did you know?

• 95% of people remember a brand message on video (10% remember text)

• Video on a landing page of a website increased conversion by up to 80%

• 64% of consumers use video in their path to purchase

• 92% of viewer share videos they like or identify with

• 55% of videos are viewed on mobile

Need we say more?

As part of our digital marketing services, we develop bespoke, informative, compelling, sometimes funny and always engaging video content that creates an immediate connection with your target audience where they are interacting with you most – either on your website, through social media channels or directly on YouTube.

We also use video communication as part of our Pay Per Click Campaigns using a combination of instream video and video placed specifically as ad content. Our video process starts with our understanding of your business objectives/digital objectives; led by an approved storyboard, we then use a combination of bespoke illustration, imagery, strong messaging, live video and sound the create a message that is clear, memorable and impactful.

Think of how you can communicate your message in 40 seconds or less, and we’ll take it from there.

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