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Responsive Website Design

[/vc_custom_heading][vc_column_text]Our website design process brings the latest and best practice in visual design, combined with a functional approach that is results-focused, and above all, driven by the user experience.

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• Visual engagement

• Navigation that is simple and directive

• Wonderful User Experience

• Clear calls to Action

• Customer Journey mapping

• Sitemaps

• Responsive on all devices

• KPI’s that are measurable and optimised

• Post launch plan

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Since we developed our first client website in 2006, we have created hundreds of websites for clients, all with a specific approach and strategy in mind. As all our client’s requirements are specific to them, no two websites are the same – certainly the process and focus has changed over the past fourteen years, but we never forget that the only real client is the end user, our client’s customers or their own clients. The User Experience is the cornerstone of every web development project undertaken at our agency.

Our range of Responsive Websites include:
• Custom-Built Responsive Websites
• Fully Integrated E-commerce Websites
• Content Management Systems
• On-going Maintenance Support

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Custom-Built Responsive Websites

Our team of web designers work closely with each client to develop a website that is (first and foremost..) responsive, functional and beautifully designed. We use the latest influences and tools in web development and design, ensuring the user experience is at the core of every step of the journey.

We don’t start a client’s website until we are happy we understand their business, their customers, their market and their hopes – they are trusting us to play a key part in their business, something we take very seriously. We start every project with a scoping and exploring workshop, using simple tools to debate challenge and eventually put shape on the website’s first step in its development journey. As we progress through each stage of the process, it is in close collaboration with our client.


Our Custom-Built Responsive Websites include:

Step 1 – Client, Market and Customer Understanding

• Web Briefing Document from Client
• Web Exploring and Scoping Meeting with Client
• Development of Web Architecture
• Development of Website Graphics Presentation
• Key Word Research, Analysis and Recommendation (for SEO clients only)

Step 2 – Website Development

• Technical Development of Website
• Development of Content Management System
• Uploading of all final text from client
• Provision of up to 20 images on website (included in cost)
• All technical requirements
• Site maps
• All SEO requirements (basic or advanced)
• Search button
• Favicon
• Detailed testing across all browsers and devices

Step 3 – Website Launch

• Final testing
• Sign off from Client
• Soft launch date agreed & implemented

Our real work begins once your website is launched! Refer to our Digital Marketing Services section to understand our approach, process and results achieved in this area. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Fully Integrated E-Commerce Websites

Let’s start with some recent facts:
68% of Internet users in Ireland bought online in 2017
69% of Internet users confirmed they were happy with the process and will continue to buy on line
Over 50% of online purchases are now made on smart phones
Its not surprising that the demand for e-commerce websites has been increasing steadily over the past five years, and will continue to do so into the future.
The success of e-commerce websites is not based on pretty pictures or quirky illustrations – it is all about the user experience, in particular, the ease (or not) of undertaking and completing a purchase online; in the past, the focus for e-commerce websites was on desktop users; now we see up to 75% of online traffic coming from mobile devices. Frustration kicks in very quickly in this age of impatience if browsers cannot find what they are looking for, and complete their purchase quickly.
We start our e-commerce website process with the end in mind – at every stage we go into the mind of the browser, seeking to answer how quickly and effectively can we get to the check-out stage. Once this element of the website is clarified, the work of building the website begins.
Key features of our e-commerce packages include:
Unlimited categories, sub-categories and products
Ability to create customer groups
Multiple Users management and permissions (ACL)
Ability to create coupon codes
Ability to create different shipping types
Implementation of a calendar system for order delivery
Shopping Cart
Linked to any payment gateway of your choice (Paypal, Realex, xxxxx)
Other items to include??

Our website design process brings the latest and best practice in visual design, combined with a functional approach that is results-focused, and above all, driven by the user experience.