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Focus Groups are an essential part of a detailed marketing strategy.

Focus groups

Focus groups can be used to explore factors which influence consumer purchasing decisions, they are often used to probe the emotional issues which drive people’s behavior. This research method is an ideal means of gathering consumers views in relation to new products or services, companies typically use focus groups at the early stage of product development allowing them to gather direct feedback from their target market in relation to a product / service they are developing, allowing them to bring the correct product / service to market.

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Our Experience

Our experience in conducting consumer research, and in extracting meaningful business insights, is extensive. Over the past decade, we have undertaken market research for both public and private bodies, and have enabled these organisations to make informed decisions within a number of strategic areas in their business, including:

• Testing new product concepts/new product ideas

• Assessing an existing service

• Investigating growth opportunities

• Amending/Improving an existing product

• Blind taste test against leading competitors

A significant sector within our area of expertise is that of food companies. Since 2006, we have managed market research for some of Ireland’s most promising emerging food companies including ABP Food Group, Sunshine Juice, Meadow Fresh, Cashel Fine Foods and Mallons.

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Focus Group Management

We operate our focus groups based on an Information Funnel’, which starts with the bigger picture, and seamlessly brings respondents / participants through a process that finishes by focusing exclusively on our client company’s products:

Macro Understanding and Analysis

The market, the Category, the General Purchasing Frequency and Behaviour.

Company Specific

Awareness, Recognition, Perception, Perceived values.

Brand or Product Specific

Brand or Product Specific”]Review of existing and Potential Products; for focus groups this section will include Brand Taste Tests with Leading Competitors.

The Opportunity / Gap

The what, why, where and how much (€) of the existing or new product concepts proposed.

We have an existing panel of Focus Group participants covering gender, age groups, regions and socioeconomic groups; we have a maximum of 10/minimum of 8 participants per group. On completion of the focus groups research, key findings, insights and recommendations can be provided in either report format or in a detailed power-point presentation.

Contact our Marketing Director, Ann Marie Coonan to discuss your upcoming research based project.