Illustrated Maps

Our Bespoke Illustrated Maps are making their way to all counties in Ireland! Investing in a custom illustrated map not only adds impact to your attraction or location, but also engages your customer. Our Creative Director specialises in the development of bespoke illustrated maps that create an exceptional experience for tourists and visitors – is it time to put your county or business on the map!

Our unique illustrated maps have succeeded in capturing the imagination of tourists and visitors across the country – perhaps this is due to the combination of high-end illustration with easy to follow pointers? Normal OS Maps, while informative, lack the character of a bespoke illustrated map. This style of map appeals to both young and old alike due to their ease of use and engaging appearance. Through the use of strong colour, easy to read legends, clear markings and fun illustrations, our maps bring counties, towns and individual attractions to life.

Previous Illustrated Map Examples

Waterford City Map
Waterford County Map
Waterford City Way Finding Map
Waterford Heritage Map
Winterval Waterford Map 2017
Phoenix Park Map, Dublin
Illustrated Maps - Kilkenny Wildlife Detective Map
Tramore Town Map, Waterford
Illustrated Maps - Lough Derg Map
Dublin City Road Train Tours Map
Illustrated Maps - Dungarvan Town Wayfinding Map
Valentia Island Map showing the whole of the island and all of it's featured locations

Our maps are designed for ease of use and have intuitive legends. We also keep all files on record so your map can be updated when needed. Our maps don’t just stop at paper. We have the power internally to create video presentations of your map or even interactive and animated versions. Making your city, town, attraction, trail or walkway stand out is important.

A bespoke illustrated map will give your location a unique and positive appearance that other areas will aspire to duplicate. Our maps work in all formats including print, online and on video – the opportunities to promote a particular county or attraction are endless. Would you like an illustrated map for your city, town or event?

Arrange a meeting with our Creative Director Lee and see how we can design a high end map for you.