People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Tell your story

Understanding consumers and what motivates them to purchase or engage is the starting point of any successful marketing strategy. Once we understand these factors, we tell them a story – a story that they can identify with, engage with and ultimately, invest in. These are our own motivating factors when we meet clients for the first time – what is it that you are selling, why would I want to buy it and do I connect with it. Sounds too simplistic? Its not! So many company owners never think to ask themselves these questions and as a result, never really succeed to capture the hearts and minds of their target market.

Marketing Strategy | Marla Communications

Brand & Market Positioning Workshop

We start every brand or marketing engagement with a pretty intense workshop, where our team of marketers, creatives and digital experts meet with your team to explore, discuss, debate and challenge. The output of this workshop marks the first step in the creation of an accurate, powerful and compelling brand and market positioning. From this workshop, additional research is generally needed which helps solidify the newly developed market positioning within the competitive set.

Development of your Strategic Marketing Plan

The plan development and roll out is where the magic happens – depending on your starting point, this can take any shape and includes elements such as brand review/redesign, strapline and positioning development, articulation of target and sub target markets, design of marketing materials, content development and digital strategy development.

Marketing Strategy

We work with both large and small companies on their marketing strategies and implementation plan. Some of our larger clients include ABP Ireland, the Irish Exporters Agency, Portobello Institute, Kerrigans Butchers, the Farmers Journal, IFAC and Hodgins Sausages; we also work with a fantastic range of small companies, often of an artisan nature in the food industry including Dessert First, Coffee House Lane and Glorious Sushi.


The key to the success of our marketing strategies is that we identify effective key performance indicators and we highlight how to monitor them to see if marketing activities are performing as intended. That is just one of our many recipes for success for your business!

We are proud that our innovative marketing appraoch has been instrumental in the success of many of our clients businesses. If you feel the time is right to review your marketing strategy, we’d love to hear from you!

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