To celebrate 10 years in business, Marla Communications want to give something back to the business community, with a prize-fund of €2,500 to be given away! 

Life Kitchen

Life Kitchen prepares and delivers healthy meals and desserts to consumers’ homes.

The objective of our campaign was to increase the number of followers on Facebook and Twitter by getting people to share content. The concept is to zoom in on a map of Ireland where the number of shares and likes dictate how far we zoom in. The picture ultimately ended up at street level with a clue to the numerical answer that is important to our business.

We picked 5 random places around the country representing our 5 key messages around protein content, number of veg portions, amount of sugar etc. The follower had to collect all 5 answers and email them into us. The numbers were slowly revealed as the number of Likes and shares increased. All clues were also written up as blogs and we directed people to our website. We shortlisted 5 finalists and had them waiting for the prize. We used a mixture of images on Facebook and Twitter with video from Youtube to increase interactivity.  Our followers increased from 400 to over 1000 in a five-week period. Our brand was recognised more. People really got the community element of the campaign and when asked the looked much more favourably on the company as a result of the campaign.

Which campaign do you think deserves to win the prize fund? The company with the highest percentage of votes at the closing date of Monday 19th of December will win.