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Mission Statement

fuse:d – A design and business network

  • The ultimate aim of fuse:d is to establish a design and business network to raise awareness of the profile and value that design adds to differentiate, compete, grow and inspire innovation in our communities.
  • We have a goal to create a network of designers that nourish, collaborate, inspire and ignite change together. We want to introduce this energy and innovation to the wider business community.
  • The Policy Framework for Design in Enterprise in Ireland published in response to ID2015 identified opportunities where the design sector plays a significant role to the Irish economy. The policy framework sets out six key area for growth within the design sector and fuse:d has adopted the policy framework as the context for establishing a design and business network in Waterford and South East.
  • Advocate the role of design as an economic driver of innovation within the design community, and business sector, and the public domain.
  • Promote and encourage collaboration between designers of all disciplines to share, scale and maximise opportunities to achieve economies of scale.
  • Facilitate access to design training in the design community and the wider business community.
  • Collaborate with enterprises, authorities and other design networks to raise the profile of Waterford as the design and innovation centre of excellence in the South East.
  • Support, promote and encourage a vibrant and sustainable design culture and community in Waterford and the South East through engagement and improving design & business skills in the design sector.
  • Identify and support opportunities to develop design career path which will increase the participation of females in design roles.