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Email marketing is the most effective direct response digital marketing tool available to businesses.

When done correctly, email marketing can elicit a return of investment of 1,400%. But there is a catch, email marketing must be done correctly.

Email Marketing | Marla Communications

We make sure that every email marketing campaign is set up the right way and that no stone is unturned to ensure the best possible outcomes. To do this, we take the below approach to setting up an email newsletter campaign for our clients.

While we use and recommend Mailchimp as the most effective Email Service Provider, we are happy to work with other email distribution systems. We work with our clients on all elements of their email strategy, constantly reviewing and adapting each campaign to drive user engagement and conversion.

There are many pitfalls to email marketing that some companies fall in to. Effective campaigns come down to the right approach, at the right time to the right people…and it all starts with your database or email list.

Database Review

We review, segment and update your database.

Command Attention

We design the email newsletter to immediately capture attention.


We copy-write the content for the email newsletter with effective call to actions.

A/B Testing

We test for the best version on a newsletter with A\B testing.

Targeted Audience

We send out the best performing version of the email newsletter to a targeted audience.

Results Reporting

We review and analyse every email campaign and draft a comprehensive report on the results.

There is no one size fits all approach with email campaigns so taking the right steps is essential for a successful outcome.

Would you like to effectively communicate with your database with an attention grabbing email campaign?

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