Digital Display Advertising

The primary goal of Display Advertising is brand building – if you are hoping for a ‘quick win’, then display advertising is not for you. But before you dismiss DDA, consider this – 59% of online shoppers confirmed that display advertising impacted directly on purchases they made at a later date. So yes, display is extremely effective, but is a medium to long term endeavour.
We design display advertising banners for all requirements – leader boards, sky scrapers, MPU’s. We also develop interactive files that create high levels of engagement – and avoid banner blindness!

We can work directly with third party websites and agencies in the display field.

Analysis, Testing & Adaptation

Perhaps the most important element of any campaign? With digital marketing, we can very quickly assess how effective we are being – are we hitting our goals, are browsers reacted as expected, are people engaging?
The wonderful thing about digital marketing is that we can adapt within a couple of days of the campaign launch. Through the use of analytical tools such as google analytics and google ads, social media insights and our own internal analysis, we can pinpoint issues and challenges and work to address these as the campaign progresses.