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Mission Statement

fuse:d – A design and business network

  • The ultimate aim of fuse:d is to establish a design and business network to raise awareness of the profile and value that design adds to differentiate, compete, grow and inspire innovation in our communities.
  • We have a goal to create a network of designers that nourish, collaborate, inspire and ignite change together. We want to introduce this energy and innovation to the wider business community.
  • The Policy Framework for Design in Enterprise in Ireland published in response to ID2015 identified opportunities where the design sector plays a significant role to the Irish economy. The policy framework sets out six key area for growth within the design sector and fuse:d has adopted the policy framework as the context for establishing a design and business network in Waterford and South East.
  • Advocate the role of design as an economic driver of innovation within the design community, and business sector, and the public domain.
  • Promote and encourage collaboration between designers of all disciplines to share, scale and maximise opportunities to achieve economies of scale.
  • Facilitate access to design training in the design community and the wider business community.
  • Collaborate with enterprises, authorities and other design networks to raise the profile of Waterford as the design and innovation centre of excellence in the South East.
  • Support, promote and encourage a vibrant and sustainable design culture and community in Waterford and the South East through engagement and improving design & business skills in the design sector.
  • Identify and support opportunities to develop design career path which will increase the participation of females in design roles.

  • Design Island 2015

    Design Island 2015

    Check out this excellently animated video about the impact Design Ireland 2015 has had this year, it’s quite impressive!

    They have exhibited over 300 nationwide, and over 160 internationally. Add to that over 180 products, and there’s been 20 million euro generated.

    h2>Design Island 2015 – the year when design took over Ireland! How has design impacted your daily life? Are you aware of the design world around you?

    Over 174,000 have seen Irish design at 12 international exhibitions, while 46 million people in Dublin Airport have seen the portraits of our designers, craftspeople, and artisans.

    200 projects and 40 companies have been funded, and the spin-offs of publications, events, conferences, and exhibitions have made this an exciting place to be. Of course, the Design Island app too.”

    Irish Design 2015 was about harnessing this power and working to support society; educators and students; designers; the public sector; and businesses.

    Through our year-long programme of events, we worked towards:

    raising the profile of Irish design, at home and abroad increasing awareness of the value of design in all aspects of life building on the international reputation of Irish design encouraging links between local and global Irish designers showcasing the importance of design to success in business and as a driver of economic growth

    Make DesignMatter 2015