Your Brand Strategy is Your Business Strategy

Your brand is your business – It’s not just the visual identity you have painstakingly created for your business, its how you deal with your customers, its how you treat suppliers, its how your staff answer the phone. It is everything!

For this reason, we never start a brand identity by considering icons, colours or fonts. We have developed an extremely effective and strategic approach to brand design which ensures both you (and our designers) have clarity about what you want your brand to communicate - we look at everything from strategy, positioning and competitor differentiation; we work closely with you through brand design briefs and workshops to mine the precious nuggets of information that are invaluable for creating a captivating brand design. Only then do we move on to subtle elements such as colour, typography, graphics and illustration.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room~ Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon

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